Mid/Senior Copywriter


Spirit of the role

As a Mid-weight Writer, you’ll play a key role shaping strategy, concepts, and how the brands we work with ultimately come across. You’ll be comfortable working with members of every department and discipline, on every kind of project.

We expect you to consistently produce high-level work, be able to start and finish projects autonomously, and to elevate the copy on every project you touch. Showing a firm grasp on the fundamentals of good copywriting, and starting to push the boundaries into more experimental, conceptual thinking and writing.

You’ll be flexible enough to work at any stage of the creative process, from last-minute proof-reading to major pitch presentations. And through your writing you’ll be able to amplify the ideas of others, or excite teams and clients with original, unexpected angles on almost any brief.

Your responsibilities

Writing from concept to completion It’s your responsibility to ensure final delivery of finished, checked copy, especially when going live.

Working with everyone our role will bring you into contact with the entire studio, so it’s vital you can collaborate with multiple teams easily.

Nailing the brief Showing you can answer a brief accurately, whether it’s from a client of a DS team.

Going beyond the brief Spotting the opportunities to go above and beyond what’s been asked for, and pushing work into more interesting, unexpected territories.

Thinking beyond words Showing an understanding of all aspects of the creative process, from design to motion, and shaping your work accordingly.

Creating exciting start points Setting the tone when articulating strategy or ideas, and sparking the creative energy needed at the start of any job.

Managing timings and deadlines Working with client teams to set realistic deadlines, and then making sure work is delivered within them.

Bringing narrative to presentations Giving presentations a clear logic and story, so they land with as much impact as possible.

Going on immersion trips with project teams to collect research and fully understand a new client.

Key skills and qualifications

Strong, varied background in writing Either through agencies and studios, adjacent industries, or formal training, you’ve proved you can create stand-out work across multiple forms, and can adapt to different ways of working.

Very strong portfolio With stand-out work across a broad range of clients, from the technical to the expressive. But always with words or concepts that jump out. Not only great projects, but projects where your role was central.

People skills Comfortable plugging into various teams, in varied roles, able to adapt to different DD’s, CDs, and collaborate with anyone. Good with clients.

Strong presenter Able to tell a story or sell an idea with clarity and conviction. Also able to adapt presentation style to different clients or situations.

Project juggler Able to work across more than one project - and manage deadlines and workload accordingly.

Speed when needed Able to work at speed. Generally to keep up with the pace of the studio, and then especially in rare, time-pressured situations such as pitches.

Qualities of a DS Mid/Senior Copywriter

  • A genuine love of writing
  • Very strong technically
  • Writing that flows/scans
  • Brevity
  • No set style
  • Proactivity
  • Interested in all aspects of creative
  • References from across culture
  • Aware of cliché and tropes
  • Experimental with form
  • Ruthless self-editor
  • Fair editor of others
  • Can work autonomously
  • Not fazed by multiple projects
  • Open to ideas from anywhere
  • Pays close attention to the brief
  • Pays close attention to the strategy
  • Always provides options
  • Not afraid to rip it up and start again
  • Not afraid to share crazy suggestions
  • Supportive of juniors
  • Able to work under time pressure
  • Can stick to a brief accurately
  • Can rip up the brief occasionally
  • Has ideas to spare
  • Can help drive DS writing to another level

How to apply

Click below to apply. Please include the job title in your subject line.

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